The Wrong Time

The clock on my wall says “4:25”. It is actually 2:38 right now.  I hung this clock on my wall a few weeks ago, after growing tired of seeing it lifeless on the floor, waiting for a battery and a promotion up to the wall. Soon after its resurrection and appointment to my bedroom wall, I discovered that it does not keep time accurately. As a matter of fact, it intermittently stops ticking and stops making its way around the numbers. It’s like my clock takes long naps during the day and then wakes up to resume keeping time, picking up wherever it left off. Useless.

But I have chosen to leave the clock on the wall and let it keep time its own way. You know, my life is so ruled by time! I wake up to an alarm that is set for the same time every weekday morning. I stay tethered to my calendar throughout the workday so as not to miss a meeting. Zumba class. Happy Hour. Rush hour. Skype dates with My Love. Bedtime. Literally everything in my life is run by that tyrant called Time. Time is good…it helps establish order. But it’s also arbitrary and controlling. So, I keep my useless clock on the wall and let it do its thing because it reminds me that this is all just a game. And sometimes it’s  perfectly okay to “clock out” of the daily grind to do with my time whatever I please.


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