Quit While You’re Behind

Well, it was bound to happen. I am now officially a few days behind on the April Poem-a-Day Challenge. Last year, I don’t think I made it past Day 12, so I have already “PR’d”.  That’s a win! Also, last year, I gave up because I got so behind that I was totally deflated. I truly quit while I was behind. This year, I intend to keep going! I’ll get ‘em all posted on here soon! I am traveling tomorrow, and airports are great places to write. So many stimuli that I can tune into for inspiration and tune out of for concentration. 

I deeply appreciate those of you who have taken a few minutes to read the poems I post. Not all of them are good, but they are all honest. They are all brave attempts to share my work. And they are all truly a thrilling discovery as I push myself into the discipline of writing something every day.

Much love to all the poets, far and wide, who are doing amazing things this month. 


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