Bike Life

A few weeks ago, I purchased a bicycle. I think this is the part where I’m supposed to describe it in glorious detail and list its superior specs. But, really, I have no idea. Umm…I bought it used from a bike shop that rebuilds bikes. Soooo….? It’s a Cannondale frame. Ummm, it’s green. It’s light, smooth, fast, and it’s my new favorite thing. 

Anyway, today I took it for a spin for the second time since I purchased it. I am trying to work up the confidence and physical stamina to commute to work via bike. Side note: I live about 3.5 miles from work. I am out of shape. This is my attempt to get it together. 

A few observations from today:

  • Bicycling in the street is slightly scary. Your vision is limited, and you’re never sure if cars see you. (Do I need mirrors? A neon jumpsuit?)
  • Pedestrians are less threatened by me. The usually-nervous white people in my neighborhood seemed more eager to greet me on two wheels than when I’m strolling directly toward them in a game of “chicken” on the sidewalk. (Yes, this is an act of resistance against the white privilege that expects me to move over.)
  • My ass hurts. (Do I need a different seat?)
  • Austin drivers were very polite towards me as I wobbled through intersections doing hand signals that I hoped were correct. (I Googled them when I got home, and they were correct!)
  • Others on bikes gave a particular nod, which I think is the equivalent of a secret handshake. Little did they know, I haven’t yet been initiated. Shhh!

Well, I rode about two-thirds of the route to work, so I’m feeling good about making the entire commute soon. I hope this is the start of a less car-centered life for me. Peace.


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