Day 2: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a secret poem

His is the only apartment with an attic
And he ascends into it each day once his neighbors have gone to work
Then begins his ritual
Sneezing 4 times to greet the dust,
and humming a tune while pacing this secret room
The tarp crunches beneath his feet
He sits on rusted 3-legged stool
and begins to daydream

And 6 hours later, he stands up, shoulders hunched,
pulls the beaded string on the light bulb, 
and descends.

2 years would pass before the newest tenants
would lower a creepy collection of portraits
through a ceiling hole
to be sold in the marketplace
The woman in apartment 7 recognized her painted face
and marveled at how that mystery man had come and gone
and seen her so completely


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