We All Still Look Alike

Today, I went to Sunday service at a local church–a mostly White, progressive church. I’ve been a few times before and have always found the services beautiful, reflective, and insightful. Today, congregants unveiled a large “Black Lives Matter” banner that will be hung outside the church for all to see. Several congregants offered remarks as part of the banner ceremony. One of those congregants was a young, Black woman. It was all fine and good. I was pleased to see the church be so forward and vocal about “Black Lives Matter” and doubly pleased to hear the minister so concisely and precisely explain why “All Lives Matter” was totally inappropriate.

The service carried on, and everything was good. Benediction, Postlude, etc, etc. Then, as my partner and I were walking out, an older white woman tapped my shoulder and said, “That was a great offering you did up there,” referring to the remarks made by the other young, Black woman as part of the ceremony.

So..you know…Black lives still don’t matter enough to distinguish one from the other. *Sigh*

For the record, we did not look alike.


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